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What Are You Aiming For? Understand the Resume Objectives

Almost 90 percent of the job adverts you read require a CV and a resume to be sent to the prospective employer. They will use the information to consider you for an interview. For that reason you should learn to write powerful resumes.

The first step to writing a successful resume is to understand what it is for. Many people miss to mention the most important things in their resumes and write about irrelevant things usually about their previous work history. Do not fall into the trap. Your CV tells enough about you previous employment but only your resume can tell why you will be important to your future employer.

Have in mind that the HR department of your future employer receives many CVs and resumes. For that reason you only have a few seconds to attract their attention and make them read the whole resume. Usually the reader will scam through the sheets and will pay attention at the top and at the bottom. For that reason start with the most important information how you can contribute to the prosperity of their organization.

The fact that you are able to catch the reader's attention doesn't mean that he or she will read carefully the whole resume. The simple reason might be that you have written a boring resume that doesn't say anything specific. To avoid this keep a clear vision what you want to say. Do not forget that the objective of any resume is to provide information.

Be very specific in what you want to say and avoid vagueness. Name the vacancy you are applying for, explain which of your skills can be beneficial, match your specific abilities or skills with the vacancy requirements. Try to avoid irrelevant information such as you the job is good for you i.e. you want a challenging job with room for personal growth.

If you are applying for a company that has several vacant positions and you see you qualify for more than one you can be a bit vaguer. Of course this doesn't mean to fill a page with nonsense. State what your qualifications are but do not go into details about a single position. The same rule applies if you are writing a resume to use on a job fair.

Finally do some research before writing your resume. Ask some of your friends to show you their resumes or read sample resumes. Sometimes there are specific requirements for resume writing according to the type of job you are applying for. Do not forget that you can always refine your resume until you see you have found the right formula.


Accredited College Degrees Made Accessible, Not Easy

Because many accredited colleges now offer online degree programs getting a bachelor degree from an accredited college is more accessible than ever before. People who at one time didn't have a hope of getting a degree because of scheduling restraints and other time commitments can get a degree from a number of accredited colleges as long as they have a computer, an Internet connection, and some time they are willing to dedicate to hard work and study any time during the day or night.

The degree programs offered online by accredited colleges offer amazing flexibility to people who are short on time and unable to attend day classes, as some or all of the course work and classroom interaction involved can be accomplished via e-mail, Web browsing, forum interaction, online quizzes and tests, and multimedia presentations.

Online programs of accredited colleges were once stigmatized by employers and elite educational institutions as less than their traditional day college counterparts, and still are still are to some extent. However, the standards and demands of the online programs of accredited colleges have been steadily increasing to more closely resemble what would take place in the classroom, and as a result, the degrees from these programs are becoming more widely acceptable.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the directors of online degree programs from accredited colleges, many prospective students still regard online degree programs as an easy way to avoid the pressures and demands of higher education, but still get the desired degree from an accredited college. These people are sorely disappointed as they begin their courses find that, if they've chosen a legitimate program and not a diploma mill, it's harder than they expected and requires determined effort and diligent study, just like any other educational institution.

So if a prospective student is sincere about working hard to get a degree at an accredited college through an online degree program, it may be a perfect option. If that student just wants an easy ride that won't require much effort or take too much time away from gaming and marathon TV watching, an online degree program is as big of a waste of time and money as a traditional day college would be.

For those to whom getting a degree seems nearly impossible because of the rigorous daily schedule involved in traditional colleges, pursuing your degree through accredited colleges online may be the key to having the best of both worlds.


Finding a Job with a High School vs. College Graduation

Whether you choose to enter the job market with a high school vs. college graduation under you belt can have a very significant impact on the jobs you will be able to do and the amount of money you will be able to make.

According to a report entitled "The Big Payoff: Educational Attainment and Synthetic Estimates of Work-Life Earnings," a person with a high school degree can expect to earn an average of $1.2 million over the course of their working life, and a person with a bachelor's degree can expect to earn an average of $2.1 million dollars over the same period of time. The report estimates that people with a master's degree will earn an average of $2.5 million, people with doctoral degrees will earn an average of $3.4 million dollars, and those who get professional degrees will earn the most, an average of $4.4 million.

That said, all those figures are an average, so it doesn't mean they are written in stone. There are good-paying careers you might pursue with only a high school diploma. Construction contractors can make a lot of money. So can entrepreneurs, small business owners or investors. All of those careers can be difficult, risky and taxing, but they do offer the possibility for a person to make an excellent living without a college degree.

Then there are good-paying careers that require a two-year technical education such as plumbing, electrician work or nursing. Those careers pay fairly well and offer opportunities for advancement and entrepreneurship.

On the flip side, there are many careers that require a bachelor's degree (or higher) that do not pay very well at all. To be a teacher, social worker or public interest lawyer, you almost always need an advanced degree. Yet these professions do not offer tremendous financial rewards.

When you are considering going to college in terms of how it will help you make more money, you should think about what type of job you want. If your dream is to become a general contractor, you might be better off getting construction experience, learning skills on the job rather than in a classroom. Or if your goal is to make a good deal of money with only a bachelor's degree you might not want to graduate with an English, Sociology or Philosophy degree. Choose a more financially rewarding course of study like Engineering or Accounting.

In general, we encourage high school graduates to go on to college. A college degree is viewed as the traditional pathway to success. As stated earlier in this article, the general financial trends support that notion.

However, it is crucial for every person to do what is right for them. Sometimes, opportunities open up when they are least expected. And other times, the most obvious pathway to financial success is less rewarding. We know that people with advanced degrees make more money, but these degrees take time and money to earn. People spend years of their lives and take on a massive debt load to earn these degrees. So, they may make more money, but they will owe a significant portion of that money.

Be sure you know what you want. Have a realistic idea of how to get there, and go for it.


What types of Jobs can someone get after Studying Accounting?

An accounting major seems pretty cut and dry; the course of study will prepare a person to handle all of the situations that they come across in a career in accounting. What may surprise some people is the fact that a degree in accounting can also prepare you for several other, even higher paying jobs than just preparing someones taxes.

Public Accountant

This is the job that people most often associate with a degree in accounting. A public accountant is usually self-employed and extraordinarily busy during the months of March and April, preparing the tax returns for individuals, couples, families and small businesses. The downside of public accounting is that it is very seasonal in nature; aside from the first quarter of the year the workload can be very lean so many public accountants have other another type of job to subsidize their income.

Private Accountants

Private accounting is a good gig, youll most likely have your own office and youll spend your time working on only the books from only one company. As the private accountant youll be in charge of organizing the books for the company so you have the opportunity to make your job easier by simply being more organized.

This is a full time type of position that often pays pretty well, but youll be responsible for more than your public accounting counterparts. The business that you are employed by will be expecting a lot from you " youll be filing the company returns, assuring that the books are kept up to date and in order, and youll be responsible for helping the company to avoid many financial pitfalls that can occur without the proper dedication to the position.

With the added pressure of the position will often come with added reward " as a full time employee rather than being self-employed, youll most likely be entitled to paid sick days, paid holidays, paid vacations and a host of other benefits.

Government Accountant

There are accountants at almost every level of government " township, city, county and federal. Government accountants work to oversee all allocations of funds and financial performance of wherever they happen to be in charge of. Usually the higher up in the chain of government, the more opportunities there are available for accountants. On the federal level accountants are needed for the IRS, the Department of Exchange, as well as in the Treasury.

Government positions often offer a good level of security, very competitive pay and an excellent benefits and retirement package. The level of competition for these positions can be very high because they are among the best jobs available in the accounting field.

Internal Audit

Internal Auditors can be responsible for implementing and conducting a corporations financial strategy. This could include elements of general accounting, conducting audits and involvement in purchasing and loss prevention. Members of an internal audit team, if they perform well, will often have the opportunity to move up into areas financial planning or even upper management.

Internal Audit may very well have the most room for growth and advancement of any of the different careers that can come from a degree in accounting, which also means that there is one of the highest earning potentials among positions available to those with accounting degrees.

Dont be fooled into thinking that an accounting degree can only lead to filing taxes for people in April; a degree in accounting can lead you to many secure and highly profitable positions in all different types of fields. The preparation youll receive from the accounting coursework can and will prepare you for types of jobs you may never have thought possible.


Some Basic Tips On What A Man Should Wear For A Professional Job Interview

If men are going to an interview it is best if they wear a purple or blue suit to their job interviews. This choice over many has proven to be a better look. Maybe brown but not on first impressions. Sometimes the darker your suit is the more power he or she may think you have. A man should never wear a black suit to an interview unless applying for a "men in black" job. Any kind of suit should do as long as it's appropriate for the workplace.

The thing that should be the first factor to the wearer is that it is comfortable and fits of good quality. The pants you wear should be right at the waist and a slimmer physique is preferred by most employers. The pants you wear should be of some length but you should never be able to see your ankles, those are considered "high waters". You will look really nerdy if you show up to a good job interview and you are wearing those.

If a man is going to an interview he should wear a longer sleeved shirt as in cream light blue or white. Short sleeve shirts will probably never be acceptable unless you work for them for a very long time. If you tend to sweat a lot under your suit a good under shirt is the plain white t-shirt. Even though your employer and your co workers will never see your under shirt, it is good to get a high cotton content so it will serve its purpose. Be sure that your work long sleeve shirt should fit good at the neck and come all the way down to the wrists. All of the clothes you are wearing for interviews should be neat and professionally made to fit your body.

If you wear a cheap tie to your first interview then your future employer is going to think you aren't legit for the positions in which you are applying for. If you were to wear a silk tie to the interview it would stand out and show that you really want the job and you are trying to look as best as you can on it. The tie should not go with the suit but should contrast and compliment it; it doesn't really have to match at all.

You will need to wear brown or black work shoes. Leather is what kind of material the shoes should be made of. You should also wear matching socks with the shoes to the pants as well. If you like brief cases then brown black or purple will do. So until then follow what you have been briefed on here. You should do pretty well if you dress appropriately.


Hotel and Restaurant Management Degrees

Are you the type of person who is invested in the care and enjoyment of other people? Do you love to plan vacations and manage the details of their itineraries? Do you love fine food and are interested in the atmosphere and operation of restaurants?

If this sounds like you, perhaps you should consider a career in Hotel and Restaurant Management. A career in Hotel and Restaurant Management can open many doors to you within the hospitality industry. Not only is it fast paced and fun, it also has great potential for growth in the future. What's more, you can receive a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management through online college courses, getting you to your new career in no time at all.

The hospitality industry continues to grow daily, and shows no sign of slowing down. With a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, you'll see opportunities for growth all around you. You may want to find your own specialization within the industry, as so many choose to do, or you can sample a wide variety of careers available to you with a career in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

Hotel and Restaurant Management graduates can expect to see offers for exciting jobs on cruise ships, as directors, to high class restaurants or a small family cafe. With a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, you may find yourself in a position to be able to manage large groups of staff members, human resource management, event planning and conventions, as well as in spas and hotels, managing itineraries and activities, and making sure that guests are comfortable and well cared for.

If you are planning to ever own your own hotel, motel, bed and breakfast or restaurant, a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management is for you. Earned through online college courses, you'll be able to gain the skills needed to make your dream venture a success. You'll be ready to form a business plan and see that your venture runs smoothly. The world of Hotel and Restaurant Management is basically limitless.

If you think that a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management sounds right for you, don't hesitate! It's easy to take online college courses and complete your degree quickly and easily. You'll be on your way to your hospitality dream job before you know it. If you love people and love to invest effort so that they have a great time this exciting career might be the ideal fit for you.


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